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Grand Option

Grand Option has taken binary options to a whole new level of trading. Getting started is very easy, it has a user-friendly interface, it’s completely secure, and it’s also very exciting to use. The best part about the entire experience is the fact that you don’t need any previous understanding in trading binary options to ...

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Summary : Grand Options is one of the best brokers available. If you are serious about trading binary options that should be your bet.


Grand Option has taken binary options to a whole new level of trading. Getting started is very easy, it has a user-friendly interface, it’s completely secure, and it’s also very exciting to use. The best part about the entire experience is the fact that you don’t need any previous understanding in trading binary options to start making huge profits on you very first trade. Find out more about why Grand Option is truly the future of binary trading for investors located all around the globe.

Prestigious Broker

By using Grand Option, clients have access to the finest binary options from an unlimited liquidity pool. There are over 100 tradable assets that global clients can invest in daily.

Investors have the ability to trade in the most profitable Forex pairing on the market. Investors can also add value to their stock portfolios by earing profit from leading stocks without even purchasing shares. They can also easily trade some of the hottest commodities on the market such as gold, silver, and oil. Grand Option also makes it possible to trade the world’s best indices such as the S&P, Dow Jones, and DAX on their advanced options trading platform.

The prestigious binary options broker also operates in multiple languages, and they provide top-notch service while dedicating themselves to providing the highest payout possible to the clients while offering unparalleled customer support, 24 hours a day.

EU Regulated Broker

A little-known fact about binary traders is that most of them are not licensed or even regulated in the European Union, or anywhere else in the world for that matter; However, Grand Option is a CySEC authorized broker and is approved to provide services throughout the EU under license number 207/13.

The accredited binary broker is regulated by the EU member, Cyprus. The official Securities and Exchange Commission, entitled the CySEC, is recognized as a legitimate regulator of binary option brokers for the entire European Union.

Trading Binary Options

Investors have the ability to profit over market fluctuations as prices begin rising and falling on chosen assets. In short, the investor predicts whether the value of an asset will increase or decrease against the entry rate during a specific timeframe. This form of investing can lead to massive profits in short periods of time.

Grand Option also takes a huge leap ahead of the rest in the industry by offering its valued clients advanced trading software, impeccable tools, and dedicated broker support that cannot be rivaled. Here are a few of these amazing features.

Grand Option Trading Platform

This unique trading platform makes trading extremely easy and convenient for investors. After selecting the asset to be invested in, clients choose which type of option to buy- 60 seconds or High/Low. After selecting the option and the amount to be invested, the advanced system will automatically calculate the estimated payout.

After clicking the buy option, the entity price will be instantly updated allowing members to monitor their binary option in real-time. The result of the trade is displayed ahead of expiration with a very simple green and red code. A green background being displayed indicates that the trade is in-the-money, and that if the option expires at the current level, the payout will be generated and automatically deposited into the client’s account.

If the background being displayed is red, it indicates that the option is out-of-the-money, and that if the option expires at the current level, no payout will be credited to their account. The entire process is incredibly simple to use.

Stop Loss and Take Profit

A very valuable tool that is provided by Grand Option is the Stop Loss and Take Profit feature. This essential tool is a way to professionally control your profits and losses and is key to procuring successful Forex trading.

A Stop Loss Order is an order that is placed by a client that will sell an option in case their currency goes in a direction that will result in a loss of profit. For example, if an investor is buying a currency and the value begins to fall, the Stop loss would prevent a greater loss than the client expected by automatically selling the currency. Furthermore, if a client is purposely allowing a currency to drop in value in order to buy it back at a profit, they could set an automatic Stop Loss if the currency moved up in value to a specific amount.

A Take Profit is an automated order that clients set on their account that will automatically liquefy a currency if it reaches a specific value, ensuring that the client will make a profit. This comes in very handy for busy clients so that they don’t have to constantly monitor their trade, and that they are safeguarded against a substantial loss.

Risk-Free First Trade

This remarkable feature offers traders a refund if their first trade expires below the strike price of the option which would result in a loss to the investor. The bonuses would be exercised and the amount of the investment would be automatically placed back into the client’s balance.

Grand Option Academy

One of the goals of Grand Option is enriching the minds of their clients with financial knowledge that will help them maximize their earning potential. They accomplish this by offering the Grand Option Academy. This astounding tool encompasses everything an investor should know about investing in the market today.

The topics that are covered in the academy are: how to trade, asset index, trading strategies, leading market indicators, Forex binary options trading, indices and stock trading, commodities trading, V.O.D., and it also includes and interactive book along with access to free webinars.

Free Webinars

Grand Option also offers traders an amazing way to help them advance their market knowledge by providing them with live webinars. These free webinars are led by market professionals who will introduce them to the trading platform and how to use the various instruments and options.

This service is geared toward any investor whether they are an experienced portfolio holder, or just getting started investing in the market. This free service will greatly help any investor significantly increase their financial knowledge.

Custom Types of Accounts

No two investors are the same, and Grand Option recognizes this. That is why they offer various levels of accounts so that any investor can choose the appropriate package that is suited to their needs. Here is a basic breakdown between the benefits given in each level of membership.
All registered members will automatically become a standard account member and will have instant access to the industry’s most powerful trading platform. This account comes standard with all of the mentioned tools above along with 24/7 expert trading support.
Clients can upgrade to a gold account in which they will receive a personal market expert who will guide them in one-on-one training sessions so that to assist them with their portfolio management. Gold members will also benefit for an addition 2% return on every trade, along with a few other perks.

The next level of membership is the platinum account. Aside from the perks given with the lower accounts, platinum members also get personal training sessions with senior market analysts, and an additional 4% return on every trade, among other benefits.

At the peak level of membership is the diamond account which has the highest level of special services available such as personal coaches available at any time of the day, complete access to the entire Grand Option platform with absolutely no restrictions, an additional 4% return on every trade, and much more.

Overall, Grand Option is the premiere binary options trader available on the market today. They provide unmatched personal service and incorporate the best tools and trading platform in the industry. They come highly recommended as a leading Forex trader.

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