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Few Binary Options Advantages

Few Binary Options Advantages

1. Simplicity.

Margin, pips, lots, leverage – these are only few of the terms associated with Forex and CFD trading. With Binary options you can forget about the complex terminology and focus on two main points – direction and timing.

  • Direction. It’s all about hitting the right direction. Whether it will be Up (Call) or Down (Put) option the choice will determine the outcome of your trade – in the money (win), out of the money (lose), at the money (tie).
  • Timing. The perfect timing is decisive and your success relies heavily on it. Once you make a presumption on the upcoming trend, it’s all about when to enter the deal and when to exit etc. the expiry of the option.

2. Fixed payout rates.

Before you enter the option you already know what is your risk/reward ratio. Let’s say you want to invest 10$ in a Call EUR/USD option and currently the broker offers 80% payout. If you win you will take back your 10$ investment and gain an extra 8$, if you lose you will lose as much as 10$ – your initial investment.

3. Adaptable

Binary options are adaptable to all trading plans. No matter if you are short-term or a long term trader, binaries are adjustable to all trading strategies. 

You can be a trader that takes advantage of the market momentum and leverage the scalping techniques on every 60, 90 or 120 seconds, or you can base your strategy on more details analysis and execute options with longer lifespan.  You can adopt variety of trading styles to suit your expectations and meet your personal goes.

4. Trading hours.

Unlimited trading. Most of the instruments are available 24/7. Some of the platforms are accessible even during the weekend, when the market is closed. You can build and apply your trading strategy in the vacation days, when the market is closed and watch how your trades develop after.

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